Computational Biologist Job Opportunity

Poisson Consulting is hiring a full-time Junior Computational Biologist.


We are seeking a self-motivated individual with the ability to manage their time and the wish to develop software solutions to understand biological systems.

You will be expected to clean, manage and manipulate data. Other tasks will depend on the candidates expertise and proclivities. Poisson biologists analyse and model data to answer relevant ecological questions and provide analytic support to conservation, first nations, governmental and industrial organisations in order to best manage fish and wildlife populations.


You must be available to start on October 1st, 2018. An earlier start date is possible.


You will be required to reside anywhere you choose in western Canada (Central, Mountain or Pacific Time Zones) or Costa Rica with an internet connection that is adequate for VoIP.


The starting salary will be commensurate on experience and pay increments will be performance related.


Minimum Requirements

You must be:

You must have:

Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate would also have proven competencies in R, BUGS/JAGS, ADMB/TMB, STAN, SQLite/PostgreSQL and/or TensorFlow but ultimately the candidates disposition and ability to learn is considered the most important. References will be contacted to assess the adaptability and abilities of the candidate.


Applicants must email a resume and a cover letter to by May 30th, 2018 detailing their suitability for the position and they must provide three references who can speak to their abilities and work.

Only applicants selected for interview will be contacted.

Poisson Consulting is an equal opportunities employer.

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