Columbia Basin Hydrological Database

The Columbia Basin Hydrological Database shiny app is a webpage that allows approved users to request historical BC Hydro discharge, temperature, elevation and stage data for the Columbia Basin.

A screenshot of the Columbia Basin Hydrological Database shiny app
Figure 1. A screenshot of the Columbia Basin Hydrological Database shiny app.

It also allows users to request data that was provided by the Columbia Power Corporation, Ministry of the Environment, Water Survey of Canada, Golder and Mountain Water Research.

Each time series of a particular measurement is referred to as a station. The Database contains hourly information for over 50 stations from the 1960s onwards. If a BC Hydro project requires data for a station that is not currently included in the database it may be possible to add it.

In order to access the app you will need to be a BC Hydro employee or a consultant working on a BC Hydro project in the Columbia Basin. To request an access username and password contact Joe Thorley.

The secured app is located at


The database was maintained by Robyn Irvine from 2006 to 2017. The app is powered by the tsdbr R package which was developed by Joe Thorley. The shiny app was developed by Seb Dalgarno.

Joe Thorley
Computational Biologist

Joe’s expertise includes population dynamics and R package development.

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