Ayla Pearson has joined our Team!

Welcome Ayla Pearson Poisson Consulting has hired Ayla Pearson M.Sc. as a full-time Computational Biologist. Ayla is joining us having completed the Master of Data Science program at UBC, the Haida Gwaii Institute’s program in Natural Resource Science, and a degree in Chemistry from the University of Victoria.

Evan Amies-Galonski has joined our Team!

Welcome Evan Poisson Consulting has hired Evan Amies-Galonski as a full-time Junior Computational Biologist. Evan is joining us following a Diploma in GIS from Selkirk College. We are excited to welcome him to our team!

Species Sensitivity Distributions App

The Species Sensitivity Distributions shiny app is a webpage for interactively fitting species sensitivity distributions to concentration data. The user is able to select more than one distribution and plot the individual fits.

Yield per Recruit App

The Yield per Recruit shiny app is a webpage for interactively exploring the effect of various fish population parameters on the schedule, stock-recruitment relationship and yield. The calculations are performed by the ypr R package, which also generates the plots and table.

Tidal Predictions App

The Tide Predictions shiny app is a webpage for visualizing and downloading tide height data. The tide heights are calculated using the rtide R package. Currently, predictions are available for 637 US stations.

Kootenay Lake Fish Movement App

The Kootenay Lake Fish Movement shiny app is a webpage to view detections of acoustically tagged Bull Trout and Rainbow Trout in Kootenay Lake from 2008 to 2014. Figure 1.

Columbia Basin Hydrological Database

The Columbia Basin Hydrological Database shiny app is a webpage that allows approved users to request historical BC Hydro discharge, temperature, elevation and stage data for the Columbia Basin.

Seb Dalgarno has joined our Team!

Welcome Seb Dalgarno Poisson Consulting has hired Seb Dalgarno M.Sc. as a full-time Computational Biologist. Seb is joining us from his Masters work at the University of British Columbia on the distribution of Black Oystercatchers on Haida Gwaii.

Large Lake Exploitation Data

Figure 1. A Rainbow Trout recovers post-tagging by Alistair Fraser ©. Background Large lake exploitation studies typically involve the capture and tagging of fish whose subsequest movements are detected using acoustic receivers.

Calculating Water Quality Thresholds and Indices for British Columbia using R

The wqbc R package calculates water quality thresholds and water quality indices and plots water quality indices spatially and temporally for British Columbia. The package was written for the B.